We are Chartered Accountants,
Registered Tax Agents
and Xero Partners

We aim to provide you with a timely, accurate and understandable advice that can be easily implemented taking a personal approach.

Who We Are

Kristie Swann, Chartered Accountant, Solved Business & Taxation
Vera Berberich, Solved Business & Taxation, Southern Highlands
Jasmin Powell

a boutique accounting, business & taxation practice

Solved Business & Taxation has over 20 years experience specialising in Individuals, Small Business and Companies.

We provide a full suite of taxation, accounting and bookkeeping services.

How We Can Help

Solved Business & Taxation can assist you with bookkeeping, payroll, income tax returns, financial statements as well as tax planning and general tax advice.

Tax, Compliance + Payroll

In a rapidly changing world, you need broader and more sophisticated tax consulting advice more than ever – and Solved Business & Taxation is here for you.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Solved Business & Taxation is driven by seeing their clients grow & prosper. We do this by taking care of all the paperwork, so business owners can get back to business!

Business Performance

We know it is crucial for small business owners to assess the overall performance of business activities and discover both negative and positive tendencies in the company .

Accounting Resources

Access a number of resources that allows us to assist our clients such as Income Tax Questionnaire, Superannuation Forms, and TFN Declaration forms.

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